Welcome in Holland Houses

The Welkom in Holland houses are internal facilities for immigrants that: Provide shelter and education in practical and theoretical areas Provide mental counseling (the heart of the program) Offer an activity program.

All this during a 24/7 program, which takes on average one year / one and a half years. The resident (family, single, younger) goes through the five phases of the program. These five phases work on a mental and physical level.

Five stages of transformation

Orientation phase: To what extent is the participant willing / willing to work seriously in taking a place in society?

Clearing Phase: A phase in which the participant gets rid of the horrible memories of war, life threat, suffering, loss of loved ones, and the loss of self, of flight, despair, hardship and horrifying human experience

Who am I? Restoring oneself, of the values and beliefs that belong to you. What do you want exactly?

Me and the World. How do I create social contacts? How do I get a relationship? How do I apply for a job, how to start a study. How do I provide for my living and how do I become in control of my own life?

The step in the world. How to connect with society? With the support of the House one can start working and studying.

Then the participant is a graduate who is a graduate who can be received with open arms. A man proud of his descent, proud of his values and standards and proud of his ability to fit into a society.

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